How Much Money Do I need to follow your trades?

We expect between 4 to 10 open positions at any one time. Our approach relies upon deep research and focused investing in a manageable number of positions. While it is possible to fully trade the service with as little as $2,500 on account, we recommend setting aside at least $10,000 to get the maximum benefit. With smaller account balances, trading fees can strongly decrease your actual returns.

However, our service is designed to work even for smaller accounts. If you have a smaller account, one approach would be to only participate in some of the trades so that your average position sizes are larger and trading fees are effectively a smaller percentage of your returns.

Also note, whatever money you set aside to follow our trade recommendations should be what is known as risk capital. This should be money you can afford to lose and not suffer any significant pain. It should NOT be money you need to pay the mortgage or rent, or the kids college fund, etc. Think of this as money you might otherwise take- and spend on a vacation, or a trip to Las Vegas, except that in this investing game, we’ll do our best to help you Get Ahead of the Curve!


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