Frequently Asked Questions

No. We strongly feel that it is a conflict of interest for analysts to take on consulting work for companies and then recommend those same companies. At Red Acre we source our ideas for our portfolio on our own. If we would not own it - we will not recommend it to our subscribers - period. We will not take payments from any company that we cover and we are not in the business of providing "investor relations" or "public relations" help to companies.

We expect between 4 to 10 open positions at any one time. Our approach relies upon deep research and focused investing in a manageable number of positions. While it is possible to fully trade the service with as little as $2,500 on account, we recommend setting aside at least $10,000 to get the maximum benefit. With smaller account balances, trading fees can strongly decrease your actual returns.

However, our service is designed to work even for smaller accounts. If you have a smaller account, one approach would be to only participate in some of the trades so that your average position sizes are larger and trading fees are effectively a smaller percentage of your returns.

Also note, whatever money you set aside to follow our trade recommendations should be what is known as risk capital. This should be money you can afford to lose and not suffer any significant pain. It should NOT be money you need to pay the mortgage or rent, or the kids college fund, etc. Think of this as money you might otherwise take- and spend on a vacation, or a trip to Las Vegas, except that in this investing game, we’ll do our best to help you Get Ahead of the Curve!


Yes, most definitely!

We've designed this service to be both profitable AND educational. Our mission at Red Acre is to put subscribers Ahead of the Curve. Part of that mission involves the in-depth education articles offered in the newsletters as well as the deep dive analyses we sometimes do on trades we recommend.

Over the course of your subscription, you will find this educational content enriching your own investment analysis. We tend to focus on some heady science related topics in our biotech related trades, that's where our expertise as scientists helps subscribers the most in sorting out complex issues. But most of the time, the basic investing principles we follow are ones that any investor can learn from. If you've been reading our free newsletters for any length of time you already know that we go to great lengths to hep explain difficult concepts, and to help illustrate why certain trades worked out the way they did so that our readers can learn from the events.

In general, you can expect 3 to 6 recommendations per month. However, we do not work to any set quota at Red Acre. Some months may see 7 or 8 recommendations, while some months may see only 1. We believe in offering only the best quality recommendations to our subscribers. It only takes a few successful trades to outperform the markets. In the meantime, we are happy to "sit on our hands" rather than trying to force a trade. Patience is a key skill that all successful investors learn.

Our subscription service is brand new, and as such the service itself does not have a track record. However, our team has an excellent track record of investing. Our results for 2012 are available at and 2013 results will be available as soon as year is finished and the results have been analyzed.  In addition, you can check out our prior published work both on as well as on We pride ourselves on our ability to pick winning trades.  While not every trade works out successfully, our record speaks for itself.

Here are some highlights from 2013:

Correctly called a long trade for ISIS Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ISIS) when the stock was $14.60.  The stock reached a peak of $42.68, a 291% gain

Told investors to buy Mannkind Corporation (NASDAQ:MNKD) when it was trading below $2 per share (in late 2012) and then called the exact top in Early August netting a 428% gain

Alerted investors to buy Immunocellular Therapeutics (NYSE:IMUC) below $2.50 in July. Then alerted investors to sell at $4 because our due diligence told us that the stock would tumble. Resulting in a 60% gain.

Advised investors that Durect Corporation would be a good long bet when the stock was at lows of $1.08. The stock finished the year around $1.77 a 64% gain.

There are too many examples to count, but that gives you a flavor for the deep due diligence we do to help subscribers Get Ahead of the Curve.


Your subscription comes with a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 30 days. We're confident that if we put out the best product on the market, our subscribers will be happy and will find our recommendations to be highly profitable. Therefore, we back our service with one of the best guarantees in the industry.


You can sign-up at We accept most major credit cards, and you have the option to use paypal to check out. Your credit card information is always safe as it is passed only over secure web pages.